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We understand that our guests come to us from far away and spend significant money and effort to reach our remote location. Therefore, our mission is to serve you and do everything in our power to make your experience unforgettable, while respecting our local ecology and community. We strive to create the atmosphere of an eco-resort within the privacy of your own home. Experience the raw rainforest and abundant wildlife, while having access to all the amenities of modern living. We hope that the “Gem of Matapalo” will always be in your heart.

“Casa Jungua will forever be etched into my soul.”

Sara K

Casa Jungua is located in the remote southwestern tip of Costa Rica
An area known as one of the world’s most pristine and biodiverse rainforests

Casa Jungua was born in 2013 and is the hidden gem of Matapalo, Puntarenas.

It is built on one of the most premier locations in the area. It is surrounded by 10 acres of raw rainforest and enjoys breathtaking views of the ocean. 
The owner of the property wanted to spread the love and allow others to be touched by Casa Jungua, which is now a vacation rental.


Enjoy the secluded location of Casa Jungua

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